Why Choose Us As Your Groundwork Contractors in Manchester?

There are many companies and tradesmen around Manchester who offer groundwork services, but some of them are general builders who take a “Jack of all trades” approach to construction. While many of them deliver quality work there are certain advantages which you’ll benefit from by selecting dedicated groundwork contractors. On this page, we want to highlight these benefits.


If you’d rather discuss the groundworks you need handling for an ongoing project, or to ask us a question about anything from hard landscaping to basement underpinning, don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 07961 224 532. We’re based just a short drive from Manchester in nearby Rochdale.


The Benefits of Choosing Specialist Groundwork Contractors




With over 25 years of experience carrying out all types of groundwork services, we’ve worked on every type of project you can imagine. We’ve dealt with problematic soils that require careful planning and combinations of foundation techniques, and underpinning existing foundations which are so badly damaged it begs belief.


In short, when it comes to groundworks we can tackle anything you throw at us. Not all general builders operating in Manchester will be as comfortable when put under pressure, or in suboptimal working conditions. This expertise also manifests itself in the exceptional quality of our work. We’re not roofers. We’re not electricians. We’re not extension builders. We’ve spent 25 years purely handling groundwork services and hard landscaping projects. Our workmanship attests to this.




Many groundworks in and around the Manchester area need to be delivered within strict timeframes. After all, most groundwork services allow for further development phases, and if they’re delayed then the entire project can stutter to a standstill. Our dedicated groundwork contractors are so competent and well rehearsed that you minimise the chance of any kind of delay.


This is especially relevant when you’re dealing with a somewhat complicated situation where there’s an unusually heavy load to be supported, or when there’s soil with a lot of moisture in it which may settle poorly and compromise the stability of the structure.


A general building contractor may have to get in a third party to act as a consultant or even to handle that stage of the project. While this won’t sink (excuse the pun) development activity altogether, it will certainly eat up a bit of time. When you choose groundwork contractors from the get go, this won’t be a concern whether it’s basement underpinning or a completely different aspect of groundworks you’re investing in!




But… you might be thinking, surely I’ll pay extra to benefit from this expertise and quality of workmanship? No! Pricing of groundwork services is based on the cost of labour and materials. If it takes less time to design and install foundations, or carry out basement underpinning, or some form of hard landscaping like installing a driveway – then the savings get passed on to you!


What’s more, if you opt for a Jack-Of-All-Trades contractor then there’s all the more risk they’ll botch the job and you’ll be left with the frightening cost of repair work. In this respect, we tell Manchester clients that bringing in someone who isn’t fantastic in the groundwork services department is a false economy. Even if you end up paying less right now, you could be left with catastrophic damage when a property starts to sink into the ground!

We hope you’re convinced of the many benefits of hiring dedicated, trained groundwork contractors. If so, call C J Lewin Groundwork & Civils near Manchester on 07961 224 532.

Groundwork contractor in Manchester
Groundwork contractor in Manchester